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Our Story

Our Story


Whether your mission is to get more fit… or just get more done, whether it’s to score more goals, or to take your life to new heights – you need the right fuel. Fueling your body with the power of protein and clean carbs means you’ll have the energy you need to tackle all of life’s daily missions head on!

1G OF SUGAR and 17g of fiber for energy that lasts.
BETTER PROTEIN 100!protein isolates that are filtered more than concentrates.
ZERO artificial flavors or colors.
0G SUGAR ALCOHOLS not up to 6g like the other guys.
ZERO collagen, gelatin or rice syrup.
ZERO gluten.


Every body runs on protein, but not all protein is created equal. That’s why Mission1™ Clean Protein Bars have the highest standards. They feature only protein isolates – no inferior gelatin. They’re everything you want and nothing you don’t – zero fillers, 0g of sugar alcohols and zero artificial flavors. They’re the ultimate in taste with zero compromise on quality. They’re pure, premium nutrition with a mouthwatering flavor your taste buds will love.


20 Years in the Making

20 Years ago MuscleTech® began building a brand based on unrivaled research and development, and Superior Science. Superior Results. In fact, Team MuscleTech® Researchers have collaborated with researchers at over 20 Universities and research facilities around the world to study the various ingredients found in each of our powerful formulas. Developing relationships with researchers at the forefront of supplement and nutrition technology has resulted in the creation of this breakthrough innovation in functional food – the Mission1™ Clean Protein Bar.

MuscleTech® is America’s #1 selling bodybuilding supplement brand. You can trust each Mission1 bar to deliver only high-quality, ultra-filtered 100% isolate protein from whey and milk – no inferior sources like gelatin or collagen. With Mission1™ bars, you get premium protein power from 100% milk-derived isolate proteins, plus clean carbs that deliver energy without the crash. With just 210 calories and zero fillers, it’s premium nutrition that athletes want and you can trust.


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For all of life’s big missions – and little ones – Mission1™ is the clean bar that will help get you there.

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